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A local contracting and engineering company operating solely in Seychelles, Ascent Projects is interested in partnering with you to make your vision a reality. Whether it is a dream family home, civil works or a hotel backed by private investors, Ascent Projects is qualified in all sectors and is ready to strive to give you a complete project of impeccably high quality with an undeniably on-trend aesthetic appeal.

Our aim is to become the best in construction when it comes to contracting and engineering. For us, that means winning the trust of our customers through our timely completion of projects, which also showcases the good quality of our materials, as well as staying within our clients’ budget. A happy customer means more customers for us.

Ascent Projects works with architects both locally and abroad, who have their fingers on the pulse of what is current in the world of construction and interior design. This gives the company an innovative edge and keeps it relevant in a highly competitive industry.

This complementary way of working, ensures that Ascent Projects has the best of both worlds. Our local architects have the technical know-how when it comes to the requirements for building in the country. Our architects abroad have more experience when it comes to large construction projects and they also have more exposure to emerging trends in construction, which our clients, especially our international clients, desire for their builds in Seychelles.

For clients abroad wishing to build in Seychelles, having Ascent Projects on board for your build can considerably ease the journey to completion. Our expert team will handle all paperwork as well as hassles which may arise when it comes to building in Seychelles.

Our Workforce:

Most of our workers are so happy working for us, that they see no reason for leaving. We have excellent staff retention, as over 80% of our workers have remained with the company for over five years.

Ascent Projects is made up of a dynamic group of peoples of different nationalities, including Seychellois, working successfully and closely together towards the company’s aims. Our construction workers come from all parts of India, as well as Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka, and despite their differing views on religion and culture, they make things work every day.

Our foreign or expatriate workers benefit from freedoms that many in their position in the same field would wish to have. Most importantly, we don’t treat them any differently from our Seychellois staff. They have freedom of movement and freedom of choice, there is no restriction in the kinds of food they can eat and they are free to observe their religious celebrations and holidays.

Ascent Projects presently has 15 supervision staff, 10 administration and supporting staff, 3 management staff, 5 senior management staff, close to 250 construction workers and rising, inclusive of drivers.


Complementing our workforce is our fleet of machines which is inclusive of trucks, stone crushers and excavators, to name a few. The company also recently revamped its timber workshop situated at the Providence Industrial Estate on Seychelles’ main island Mahé, with the latest in quality machinery from Italy.

The company also strongly believes in supporting other contractors to grow and develop. Ascent Projects regularly partners with other contractors who may possess tools, skills and machines which we may not have presently. Both parties benefit from the arrangement - the other contractors benefit from the exposure to bidding for projects and Ascent Projects benefits from their skill, know-how and machines.

Ascent Projects believes in growth and increasing our number of machines allows us to look further towards new opportunities, especially towards bigger civil works. As a company, we like to challenge ourselves to grow.

Our Achievements:

Being willing to take on challenges, has resulted in Ascent Projects completing some noteworthy projects. Of note is the:

  • Round Island Resort on Round Island, Seychelles (SCR26 million)
  • Infrastructure works for the Perseverance district on Mahé, Seychelles (SCR43 million)
  • Building of Women’s and Children’s Hospital in the Perseverance district on Mahé, Seychelles (SCR72 million)

Our Chairman

Mr. Ramakrishnan Pillay
[Chairman, Ascent Projects]

Ascent Projects is a company within the Pillay R. Group, headed by Ramakrishnan Pillay, our Chairman. His business model for Ascent Projects’ growth as well as his vision are very important for steering the company in the right direction. Mr. Pillay’s finely honed business and financial acumen are traits which we as a company make the most of to bring clarity when it comes to financial planning and business development.

Mr. Pillay is also recognised for his philanthropic work in many of the local communities in Seychelles. Through the many companies within the Pillay R. Group, Mr. Pillay has reached out to residents of old people's homes, orphanages, the disabled and many others.

Message from our Chairman

Our company is marching ahead courageously towards creating a better tomorrow for all of us. The previous year (2017) gave us much required comfort in terms of an improved economic environment, coupled with the fall of fuel prices, soothing inflation, repo rate cuts, etc. Our company has leveraged these positives and delivered good results.

We are resolute in building a better Ascent Projects, which means sincerely attempting to be a better contractor, a better employer and a better corporate citizen.

Our country is expected to see increased economic growth and improved foreign investment that will spur demand for construction. Rapid urbanisation has already registered necessities for smart cities and low-cost housing, in addition to modern infrastructure facilities. Modern urban centers need to have an enriching eco-system of logistics hubs, transportation networks, SEZs, power plants, water systems, etc.

Our MD

A civil engineer by profession, Rajesh Pandya has over 25 years of experience both in India and abroad. He enjoys working in Seychelles as he has the opportunity to be a part of diverse projects, which might have been impossible in most other countries, save for the size of the country.

Mr. Pandya is motivated by the idea of creating jobs, which in turn creates more bread earners. As the Managing Director (MD) at Ascent Projects, he feels the responsibility of ensuring that the company keeps on being viable and relevant. This is achieved by exploring unconventional construction projects, which are more lucrative. Such projects provides new challenges and brings the best out of their staff. He is most proud of the fact that the majority of his staff have been with the company since the very beginning, and that they treat him as family.

Mr. Rajesh Pandya
[MD, Ascent Projects]

Corporate Philosophy

As a company, we want all our workers focusing on the same goals and having the same vision, which is where our company policies come in.


Ascent Projects understands that producing work of good quality the first time around is best and costs less. The company also recognises that continually maintaining that level of quality is just as important and from the very start, Ascent Projects set out to implement a dynamic and vibrant quality assurance programme.

The company recognises that a product of quality does not happen by happenstance. It is investment in skilled manpower, the right tools, the right materials, etc., which nevertheless culminates into a high-end product.

As part of our ongoing quality assurance exercise at all of our sites, Ascent Projects has put in place several measures to ensure that outcome. Scientific process control measures are put in place at all of our work sites. A strong and committed team of project execution engineers ensure that the very best quality materials are used, and that the workmanship is top notch.


Long-term planning is essential for the successful completion of any project. At Ascent Projects we believe that when planning is done at the right time, which is as soon as the project commences, with respect to the workers, materials, machinery and of course the financing, then the project will go smoothly, timely and economically.

Ascent Projects takes time to lay out a successful plan for all its projects. This results in client satisfaction, employee safety, as well as the ability to meet our deadlines. Using some of the latest software in construction, the company can successfully plan its constructions, temporary structures, manpower resources, machinery and logistics for the smooth implementation of projects.

When our project team, our support team and our planning team come together, then it is guaranteed that the project will be implemented successfully.

Ascent Projects takes a proactive approach to Project Implementation. This includes ongoing project progress and project coordination meetings, as well as continued communications with consultants and clients to understand their requirements and priorities.


Ascent Projects understands the importance of protecting the environment, and we actively look at ways through which to reduce any negative impact. One area where we are very serious about this, is the wastage of resources and fossil fuels. Too much debris at work sites will eventually end up at the landfill. In order to help lessen the load on the environment, Ascent Projects minimises any wastage of resources and tries, where possible, to recycle. Our environmental policy is also economical. Lessening wastage also means less expenses for us.


Personal safety is a culture we wish to encourage at Ascent Projects. Our workers are motivated to keep their own safety at the front of their minds, for their own benefit. Instead of taking punitive measures such as sending them off the work site and causing them to lose a day of work, they are instead reminded every morning to carry proper clothing, shoes and equipment with them before leaving the base.

Almost all accidents at work sites can be avoided with awareness. With proper training and constant reminders, we keep the number of incidents to a minimum.


The biggest asset of any company is its employees and at Ascent Projects, we believe that motivation goes a long way. We believe that all our employees should feel like they are contributing towards the goals of the company - we don’t want people to just be content with their salaries, we want them to know that they are all useful and important members of our team.

Our employees benefit from training, as and when needed. In-house training is offered so that our employees maintain our level of workmanship, quality and safety. We also offer in-house training when new issues are identified, so that we can better our work and keep our employees safe at their work sites. Our employees also do attend external workshops, in the area of human resources management, for example, when they are on offer.

Some of the programmes which workers at Ascent Projects benefit from are also designed with the intention of keeping employees in touch with the latest trends in construction and management. A good blend of skills development, behavioural and other core programmes, ensure that Ascent Projects' employees are well-equipped, and the company able to retain its competitive edge.



Ascent Projects has enough machinery for the majority of our projects. The company has a fully functional timber workshop, a steel and wood fabrication workshop, a fleet of trucks, a fleet of heavy machinery such as excavators, car mixers, rollers, etc.


PO Box 371, Etoile De Mer Building, Anse Etoile, Mahé, Seychelles

Phone No

+248 424 14 52, +248 441 08 81, +248 441 08 86